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Which Marijuana Concentrate is Easiest to Use for Inexperienced Users

Cannabis concentrates are the next big thing in the cannabis community. Over the last few years, they have rapidly risen in popularity for many good reasons. For starters, they offer a much higher quality experience that retains most of the original plant’s taste and potency....

What to Expect From Your First Live Resin Concentrate Experience?

Although few cannabis enthusiasts would say no to a joint, it has been scientifically proven that smoking cannabis is one of the least effective consumption methods. Whether you mix it with tobacco or not, cannabis will lose most of its potency when combusted. Not to...

Why Craft Cannabis Growers Make the Best Concentrates

Cannabis has been through a lot, but thankfully, the day of full legalization in Canada is not far. Back in the day, high-quality cannabis strains and buds remained a secret only for the connoisseur. Nowadays, as marijuana inevitably becomes a staple commodity, it is now...